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What is Aduro?

Aduro is a medical food for the dietary management of burn injuries and wound care to help promote new tissue growth. Aduro's active ingredients OKG (ornithine alpha-ketogluturate), Glutamine, and Vitamin C have been proven to support burn and wound healing.


How do I Get Aduro?

If you are a burn survivor and/or being treated for wound care, ask your physician about Aduro. Aduro is medically found to help support burn and wound healing. Aduro must be prescribed by your healthcare provider.

How do I Take Aduro?

Mix one scoop of Aduro with 8 oz to 10 oz of cold water, and stir until the powder is dissolved. Aduro has a CITRUS flavor and tastes best when you drink it immediately after mixing it. Aduro can be taken once or twice a day. You can drink Aduro on an empty stomach, or with meals.

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